Web Roundups

Anthropology and public discourse

There have been a few notable recent articles by and about anthropologists–and particularly medical anthropologists–in non-professional media venues.

At Scientific American’s “Mind Matters” page, Daniel Lende is interviewed about his work on addiction by editor Jonah Lehrer. For a more detailed account of Daniel’s neuroanthropological take on integrating ethnographic and phenomenological accounts of addiction, wanting and craving with addiction neuroscience, check out his recent blog posts on “Wanting to Craving” and “Studying Sin.”

The latest edition of the Lancet includes a comment on “Anthropology in China’s health promotion and tobacco,” by Shuiyuan Xiao of Xiangya Medical School and Stanford medical anthropologist Matthew Kohrman.

OK, so Anthropology News isn’t exactly a non-professional media venue, but the latest number has a nice article on “Citizenship and Social Participation: Voting for People with Psychiatric Disabilities” by Sara Bergstresser, an anthropologist at the Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research.

And finally, it looks like Anthropology Now — the long-awaited popular cultural anthropology magazine has been officially launched and is accepting subscriptions. The inaugural issue includes articles such as “Women’s Autonomy Combats AIDS in the Kalahari,” by Ida Susser and Richard Lee and “Can Anthropology Ever Be Innocent?” by Gerald Sider.