Book reviews!

As you may have noticed, we’re started to run occasional book reviews on Somatosphere. The first, posted yesterday, was Ann Kelly’s typically eloquent and wide-ranging review of Robert Thornton’s Unimagined Communities. I’ll be posting the second review shortly, and there should be more on the way. We’re going to make an effort to review books which are making an important contribution to medical anthropology, as well as those which interest the contributors in particular. In addition to reviews written by the regular contributors, there will be some guest reviews as well: one I’m about to post is written by Peter Locke, a graduate student in anthropology at Princeton. You can also view all of the book reviews by clicking on the “Book reviews” category label in the column on the right. If you would like to see a particular book reviewed, please write us at somatosphere at gmail dot com.

Also, I’ve managed to figure out how to make expandable posts (not an easy feat for the HTML-illiterate in Blogger) thanks to a useful post by Ramani, so the longer posts should no longer take up so much space on the main page — unless you open them up.