image + text = anthropologies

Since he is far too modest to mention it himself, I wanted to post about a very well-executed book project that my blogmate Todd Meyers has recently completed. anthropologies, a volume that Todd co-edited with Richard Baxstrom, is beautifully designed collection of essays, photos, images and even several short films (collected on a DVD which accompanies the volume).

The pieces include Julien Bonhomme’s article about a prophetic graffiti artist in Gabon, an essay by Pamela Reynolds on former liberation fighters in South Africa chronicling their struggle against apartheid through an exercise in mapmaking, a translation of “Diseases,” a text by Georges Canguilhem, Todd’s essay about Kevin—a young man he met during fieldwork at a Baltimore drug treatment center—and his life in and between multiple institutions, and others. One of the most interesting things about this volume is the graceful way in which it integrates the textual and the visual; maps, images and photographs play far more than an aesthetic or illustrative role here—they are as integral a part of the pieces as the text.

The volume is published by Creative Capitalism, a Baltimore-based art and music collective, and should soon be available on their website; for now you can purchase anthropologies on Amazon.

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Just a quick “ditto” to Eugene’s post on the provocative volume anthropologies. The tensions and aspects of living in the world embraced within this collection include institutions, efforts, bodies, echoes, shadows, and other cultural products that (in Lori Leonard’s terms) become capturable and worth capturing within shifting ecologies of knowledge and experience. The contributions refract simultaneity of knowledge and expression, and of affect and effect.

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