In the Journals


Apologies to our readers for the slowdown in posting here at Somatosphere. On the upside, you may have noticed that more of our contributors have been posting. You’ll see more of that over the next few months, as well as book reviews–which we’ll begin running very soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to flag a couple of significant posts at our sister anthropology blogs.

This one comes from Savage Minds: Sage is offering a month of free access to its database of journals. As Kerim notes, this includes Critique of Anthropology, Race & Class, Anthropological Theory, and also Transcultural Psychiatry–which is based here at McGill. You can register for free access here until Oct. 31.

Over at Neuroanthropology, Daniel Lende points us to a very interesting special issue of Ethos focused on the “Cultural Politics of Mental Health in Native North America.”