Web Roundups

New(ish) web resources on brain, mind and culture

A couple of relatively new websites have come to my attention today. Both deal with many of the issues of brain, mind and culture — which concern us here at Somatosphere as well.

The first of these is the website Neuroculture, a network of German and Brazilian scholars working on the social impact of contemporary neurobiology. As part of the recent explosion of neuro-studies, some of this network overlaps with other similar efforts which we’ve written about in the past — namely, the Neuroscience in Context group and the European Neuroscience and Society Network. The site has a number of texts by network members available for download.

Over at Neuroanthropology, Greg Downey has a nice post on the website of the International Cognition and Culture Institute, a joint project of LSE and the Institut Jean Nicod. In his post Greg gives an interesting account of the distinctions between the aims of neuroanthropology and the older culture and cognition paradigm. The site itself is well-designed and includes a blog; in a recent post Dan Sperber has put up a couple of photos from his late-60s fieldwork in Ethiopia of Dorze elders interpreting the entrails of a slaughtered lamb.