Podcasts: Cognitive disability conference

From Crooked Timber comes an announcement of a conference website which may be of interest to some of our readers. The conference, “Cognitive Disability: A Challenge to Moral Philosophy,” was held at Stony Brook University in mid-September and now most of the talks are available as podcasts. Speakers included many well-known scholars in the humanities, philosophy, bioethics and psychiatry, including Martha Nussbaum, Michael Bérubé, Peter Singer and many others. In addition to panels on Alzheimer’s Disease, agency and justice, Ian Hacking gave a talk titled “How we have been learning to talk about autism.” A particularly nice thing about the site is that podcasts are available not only for the talks, but for responses and discussions as well.

One reply on “Podcasts: Cognitive disability conference”

How cool — for those of us who are into this sort of thing, of course 😉

I would be interested to see if they add traumatic brain injury survivors to the “mix” in a future conference. Or perhaps they covered that, and I haven’t discovered it, yet.

Given the numbers of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who sustained TBI, not to mention the numbers of people who sustain brain injuries each year, it might be a good idea to include us in the discussion, as well.

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