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Reproductive Health Technologies in Egypt at SM

Over at Savage Minds Lisa Wynn has posted the first of several guest posts on a new project on reproductive health technologies in Egypt that she is starting with her collaborator, physician Hosam Moustafa.

Lisa Wynn is a cultural and medical anthropologist who is currently at Macquarie University in Sydney. (Before that she was a postdoc at Princeton, where she and I were TAs for the introductory medical anthropology course a few years ago). She usually blogs at Culture Matters.

She writes that this project will cover four such technologies — “emergency contraception, medication abortion, hymenoplasty, and erectile dysfunction drugs.” So this sounds like a wide-ranging and potentially very interesting project which will address issues of health, science, religion, modernity and sex.

Lisa is asking readers to help brainstorm ways in which this project can be approached in interesting theoretical terms. As I see it, this is an invitation to basically workshop an ethnographic project at a fairly early stage in its design, something that is still relatively rare in online venues. So if you want to take part, head on over to Savage Minds and add your comments!