And the winner is… (the 2009 SMA awards)

For those who missed the conference in Philadelphia this year, or just the session at which these were announced, we have a complete list of the Society for Medical Anthropology‘s awards for 2009. (Thanks to the SMA’s webmaster, Ben McMahan, for sending these along).

SMA Career Achievement Award given in honor of career-long contributions to medical anthropology:
  • Charles Leslie  
New Millenium Book Award: 
The Eileen Basker Prize given for an extended case study on gender and health.
SMA Practicing Award given in recognition of contributions in applied medical anthropology. 
MASA Dissertation Award  
MASA Mentoring Award given in recognition of excellence in graduate student mentorship:  
Paper Prizes: 
Polgar Prize given to the “best” article published in the preceding volume of the MAQ.
WHR Rivers (undergraduate): No award given this year
Charles Hughes (graduate): No award given this year

–SMA Special Interest Group Awards–

Virchow Awards (Critical Anthropology of Global Health – CAGH)
Aids and Anthropology Research Group Prizes (AARG)
  • The Clark Taylor Prize: Manjari Mahajan – “Governing through the non-governmental: Shifting terrains of public health in India’s AIDS Epidemic.” 
  • The Graduate Student Paper Prize: Hanspeter Reihling – “Whose healthy masculinity: Men as new subjects of sexual and reproductive health in South Africa.”  

The Council on Anthropology and Reproduction (CAR)

  • Junjie Chen‘s – “What Counts as a Family Line: Reproductive Politics and Class Differentiations in Postsocialist Rural China”. 
  • Honorable mention Mara Buchbinder – “Reproductive Technologies and the Dream of the Perfect Child Revisited: Lessons From Expanded Newborn Testing”
The Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Study Group Paper competition (ADTSG)

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