Anthro News on Reproductive Technologies and Subjects

I’m a bit behind in posting this one, as it appeared in the February issue, but Anthropology News is featuring two related series of articles one on “Reproductive Technologies” and the other on “Reproductive Subjects.” A nice thing about this feature is that all of the articles are freely available without subscription.

A few highlights:

Kalindi Vora, Indian Transnational Surrogacy and the Disaggregation of Mothering Work

Lara Braff, Assisted Reproduction and Population Politics: Creating “Modern” Families in Mexico City

Cecilia McCallum, Ana Paula dos Reis and Greice Menezes, Successful and Failed Reproductive Subjects: Miscarriage and Abortion in a Brazilian Maternity Hospital

Ellen Lewin, How Gay Fathers Dream the Family

Take a look at the rest of the articles here.