Videos of plenary presentations from the SMA conference

The videos of the plenary presentations from the Society for Medical Anthropology’s September conference are now available online.  As we’ve mentioned before, this was a very impressive line-up of speakers.  Videos of most of the talks, as well as Marcia Inhorn’s introductions of the speakers, are available at the conference website.  Here’s the list:

A conference introduction by Marcia Inhorn
Keynote address by Paul Farmer (an autobiographical talk about his mentors and influences)
Didier Fassin on Global Public Health
Arthur Kleinman on Mental Health
Lynn Morgan on Medical History
Emily Martin on Feminism and Technoscience
Annemarie Mol on Science and Technology Studies
Margaret Lock on Genetics/Genomics
Barbara Koenig on Bioethics
Merrill Singer on Public Policy
Gelya Frank on Occupational Science
Rayna Rapp on Disability Studies
Richard Parker on Gender/LGBT/Sexuality Studies
Lawrence Cohen on International and Area Studies

This a great resource both for those who were not able to attend the conference and for those who would simply like to hear a presentation a second time.

The linkKeynote Address and Plenary Presentations, Society for Medical Anthropology conference–“Medical Anthropology at the Intersections: Celebrating 50 Years of Interdisciplinarity.” September 24-27, Yale University.