A conference on "Medical Anthropology in Europe" (July 1 -2, Oxford, UK)

The Royal Anthropological Institute is holding what looks to be a very interesting conference entitled “Medical Anthropology in Europe: Shaping the Field,” on July 1 and 2, 2010 at Oxford University’s Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology.  The conference abstract reads:

Medical anthropology has just as long a history in Europe as in North America. However, European medical anthropologists are often unknown in Britain. One reason is that they often do not write in English or only sporadically. Perhaps, precisely due to the different languages, different medical anthropological perspectives have had time to gain some maturity and develop into sometimes quite distinctive schools. After the first RAI conference on “Medical Anthropology in Britain Today” in September 2007, this second RAI conference will invigorate our own medical anthropological teaching and research by getting to know and interacting with mostly, but not exclusively, European colleagues.

You can view a preliminary program and register for the conference on the RAI website: “Medical Anthropology in Europe: Shaping the Field,” RAI.