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More syllabus mania! (figuratively speaking)

We should have some more posts in our series on syllabi and reflections on teaching, but in the meantime, you might want to check out similar efforts underway at other blogs.  The brilliant h-madness is also running a series of posts of syllabi and comments on the experience of teaching the course.  The series focuses on courses in the history of psychiatry, and the first installment — “Madness, Science, and Society in the Modern West” by Paul Lerner of the University of Southern California — is now available.  Upcoming posts will feature syllabi by Elizabeth Lunbeck, Mark Micale, and other leading historians of psychiatry.

Also, over at Neuroanthropology, Daniel Lende (now at the University of South Florida) is sharing his excellent syllabus for “Biocultural Medical Anthropology.”  The course is impressive in that it includes both topics like diet and nutrition and those such as biopower/biopolitics — steering clear of the kind of bio vs. cultural opposition and encampment which unfortunately befalls a lot of anthropology.

Again, if you teach a medical anthropology course (or anything else that fits under the umbrella of topics we cover at Somatopshere) and would like to share your syllabus and thoughts on teaching the course, please contact us at