The Science, Technology and Medicine Interest Group at the AAA conference

This announcement was sent along by Betsey Brada (University of Chicago):

An announcement from the Science, Technology and Medicine Interest Group of the SMA

(1) First, the coordinating committee would like to thank everyone who helped organize panels during the past year (2010-2009).  We are looking forward to congratulating you in person at the AAAs, but in case you cannot attend, however, we thank you here:

Lara Braff and Ian Whitmarsh (AAA); Harris Solomon & Megan Crowley-Matoka (AAA); Joanna Radin, Erika Dwyer, and Michael Joiner (4S).

(2) Second, the STM Business Meeting will be held at 12:15pm on Saturday, November 20, in Edgewood, Fourth Floor, the Sheraton.

We have three agenda items: (a) We will be discussing a theme for the coming year; (b) We will form subcommittees to write CFPs for the coming year’s 4S and AAA panels; (c) We will be announcing an STM graduate student paper competition for the coming year.

Please come and get involved!  The members of the coordinating committee, Ian Whitmarsh, Alex Choby, and Betsey Brada, look forward to seeing you there.

(3) Third, the times and locations of the two STM-sponsored panels at the AAAs are below:

Circulation, Obstruction, and Decay in the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Medicine (Invited Session)
Saturday, November 20, 10:15 AM – 12:00 PM
Rhythms Ballroom II, Second Floor, Sheraton
Presenting: Eugene Raikhel; Lara Braff; Ramah McKay; Thomas Cousins; Catherine Bliss.
Discussant: Vincanne Adams

Spatial Imaginaries in the Circuits of Science and Medicine: Mapping Technoscience Through Public Spaces
Saturday, November 20, 10:15 AM – 12:00 PM
La Galerie 5, Second Floor, Marriott
Presenting: Harris Solomon; Megan Crowley-Matoka; Ann Kelly; Betsey Brada; Amy Moran-Thomas
Discussant: Ian Whitmarsh

Those with questions or concerns can contact Betsey Brada at:

Thanks very much, and looking forward to seeing you in New Orleans!!