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Biological and cultural contexts of schizophrenia: a discussion panel

A few days ago I mentioned that summaries of the panels from January’s Foundation for Psychocultural Research (FPR)-UCLA conference on Cultural and Biological Contexts of Psychiatric Disorder were being posted on the FPR blog.  Now Constance Cummings, Project Director at the FPR, has begun uploading videos of some events to the FPR’s YouTube page.

The first of these are two videos of a discussion on schizophrenia among a powerhouse of panelists: USC psychologist Steven López, UCLA neuroscientists Robert Bilder and Tyrone Cannon, Harvard professor of social medicine Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good, UCLA anthropologist and documentary filmmaker Robert Lemelson, Caltech neurobiologist Paul Patterson, and USC law professor Elyn Saks.

Check back the FPR’s YouTube page often as others are sure to be uploaded soon.  This is really an excellent resource for those of us who very much wanted to attend this conference, but were unable to.  For more general information on the conference, please see Emily Ng’s report on the event for Somatosphere.