African Studies Association Health Workshop – Wednesday, November 28, 12pm – 5 pm

We are pleased to announce a workshop to assist younger generations in developing critical research approaches that can be used to inform and to problematize public health research, policies, and programming in Africa. We also will use the workshop as a starting point to push the science of public health interventions in new directions, ones that are more inclusive of social science and humanities approaches and that better integrate country-level civil society concerns and local health needs. We seek to identify strategies for mobilizing the knowledge and expertise of researchers in African studies that can inform public health research, policy, and programming in Africa. Pre-registration is required.

Registration for this Health Workshop is now open and free. To register, please send an abstract of your current or proposed project along with your contact information to: We will provide workshop participants with compiled abstracts and contact information of all participants to facilitate networking and collaboration.

The format for the workshop is a panel of interdisciplinary researchers from the humanities, social sciences, public health and medicine who will present information about health-related interventions in African settings from around the continent. After the panel session we will break up into small groups to discuss emergent topics related to particular types of health interventions and plan for the health workshop in Baltimore in 2013 where we can interact more easily with representatives from various branches of the NIH. Young scholars are encouraged to participate.  Unfortunately, food and drinks will not be provided at the workshop. We ask all participants to come to the workshop with their lunches.