Infected Affects on Transcriptions

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In the Infected Affects series, we would like to bring together as wide a range of contributors as possible to give voice to the aporia surrounding the emotional life/lives of those living with HIV, and the emotions of those studying the epidemic and the effect(s) of their encounters with suffering on their work (inter alia, denial, elision, incoherence, depth and compassion). Topics might include: dying, palliation, non-adherence, care, bereavement, suffering, narratives of illness(es) and more. The intersection(s) between living (and dying) with HIV and poverty is crucial here. Contributions might take the form of interviews, book and article reviews, and links between scholarly and fictional writing (including the memoir). The realm of language in the construction of emotional affects is particularly important, as are the effects of living and/or dying with HIV being subsumed under the rubric of the ‘traumatic’. Other variations we hope to address include variation between children’s and adult’s emotional experiences, the role(s) of memorialisation and the ethics (and emotions) of ‘witnessing’.  For more than two decades, voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) was the dominant public health paradigm. We are interested in the underdocumented globalizing effects of this policy on ‘counselling’ which we understand to be the imposition of western cultural forms of psychological healing, personal narration and understanding on non western populations.

Infected Affects Editor: Ross Parsons

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I am particularly interested in the influence of belief system of individuals on HIV and AIDS Management.
I have a practical expirience which is as follows:

I have seen a few clients who stopped taking their ARVs because the Pastors/Priests have prayed for them to be healed of HIV.
The will not even do the follow up tests to confirm if they are really healed because that would mean their faith is staggering/they do not trust God enough. You also hear and on the radios and see on TV claiming to pray and heal people of HIV.

One of they is back on treatment now and is doing fine so far and the rest, I do not know because I never saw them again.

I think we need to actively engage the faith based organisation as well as traditional healers on an ongoing basis in terms of education and management of HIV and AIDS. We also need resources, support as well as skills to deal with them especially at a grassroot level e.g in their churches or temples, forums, etc


Ntombenhle Mazibuko

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