Methodologies on Transcriptions

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The study of HIV/AIDS as a medical and social issue poses significant methodological and ethical questions. The sensitivity and complexity of the subject matter has the potential to produce innovative methodologies across, between and beyond the sciences. The Methodologies series is a space for reflecting on experiences in the field, thinking about research, practice and advocacy, and considering how knowledge of HIV and global health is produced. We invite contributions and reflections from researchers, practitioners and others on challenges, solutions, and innovations in the fields of HIV and global health.

Possible topics include:

·         Experiences of  interdisciplinary approaches to HIV/AIDS research

·         New methodological approaches in the examination of HIV/AIDS

·         Examination of HIV/AIDS in challenging locations and among challenging groups

·         The emotional labour of participation in research on HIV/AIDs and its related conditions.

·         Thinking through the logics of institutional ethical approval and local moral worlds.

·         Methodological challenges of research with “vulnerable” groups e.g. children.

·         The role of field notes, surveys, and other data collection techniques

Methodologies Co-editors: Patricia Kingori and Ramah McKay