On the Shelves on Transcriptions

On the Shelves will feature contributors’ reviews of new (or, when relevant, not-so-new) books focused on HIV/AIDS and global health, as well as other volumes broadly relevant to Transcriptions’ purpose. We’re interested in reviews of books that run the gamut — across disciplines and fields, from the empirical to the theoretical, and whether academic or popular.

If you’ve read (or plan to read) a book that you’d like to review, please email us at, specifying “Book for Review” in the subject header. If you’re the author, publisher, or other stakeholder of a book you’d like to see reviewed on Transcriptions, please send an email to that same address. Finally, actual copies of books for review should be sent via post to:

Transcriptions Book Review
℅ Josh Garoon
838 E 52nd Street, Unit 1W
Chicago, IL 60615

On the Shelves Co-editors: Josh Garoon and Anna West