Books received

When we receive books for review, we tend to get them into the hands of reviewers quickly.  But when books start to pile up, we’d like to tell you about it.  Here are some recent titles that we’ve received––some are now with reviewers.  This list certainly does not include every title that has crossed the Somatosphere desk, but it includes a good number.

When People Come First, J. Biehl and A. Petryna, eds. (Princeton)

Maturing Masculinities, E. Wentzell (Duke)

Demands of the Day, P. Rabinow and A. Stavrainakis (Chicago)

Beyond Nature and Culture, P. Descola (Chicago)

In Sickness as In Health, R. Weisman and B. Kivowitz (Cameron)

Being Nuclear, G. Hecht (MIT)

Neuro, N. Rose and J. Abi-Rached (Princeton)

Seizing the Means of Reproduction, M. Murphy (Duke)

Addiction Trajectories, E. Raikhel and W. Garriott (Duke)

Making War at Fort Hood, K. MacLeish (Princeton)

Life in Crisis, P. Redfield (California)

Improvising Medicine, J. Livingston (Duke)

The Clinic and Elsewhere, T. Meyers (Washington)

Syndemic Suffering, E. Mendenhall (Left Coast)

Matching Organs with Donors, M-A. Jacob (Penn)

Mudpacks and Prozac, M. Halliburton (Left Coast)

Surface Tensions, M. Manderson (Left Coast)

A Disability of the Soul, K. Nakamura (Cornell)

How Forests Think, E. Kohn (California)

The New Wounded, C. Malabou (Fordham)