Call for contributors: Web Roundups

Somatosphere is currently looking to recruit 3-4 people to assist with the ongoing feature Web Roundups. The Web Roundups are periodic postings on electronic resources and materials for topics pertinent to our readers. For information about what is involved and whom to contact if you are interested in contributing, see below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Web Roundups

The Web Roundups feature of Somatosphere is a monthly (ideally!) posting that provides commentary on specific issues related to medicine, science and health in contemporary society. Postings will engage with recent scientific and mass media sources to provide readers with a summary and interpretation regarding current hot topics, and a collection of resources about the featured subject matter. To see some examples, click here.

As a contributor you would be asked to create a post on a rotating schedule, the frequency of which will depend on the number of contributors. Creating a post involves the following:

  • Choose a topic or issue that you would like to focus on (ideally one that has been prominent in the media and scientific literature within the past 2-3 months.)
  • Search through sources published within a month to determine which sources provide the most interesting and/or controversial material about which you would like to prepare a summary and commentary.
  • Prepare and upload a posting.
  • Receive many thanks and much gratitude for your time and work.

If you would be willing to help with this undertaking or have any questions about what doing so would involve, please contact Melanie Boeckmann at m.boeckmann at uni-bremen dot de.


By Melanie Boeckmann

aiming for a PhD in Public Health, currently working in health policy and research.