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Foreign Correspondents: Call for reviewers and books to be reviewed

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Over the past few years we’ve intermittently posted in a series called “Foreign Correspondents.”  The idea behind this series is to provide a forum for recent, important works that appear in languages other than English in the social sciences and humanities of medicine, health and science. If you would like to suggest a non-English language book for review or if you are interested in reviewing for “Foreign Correspondents,” please contact Stephanie Lloyd (

11 replies on “Foreign Correspondents: Call for reviewers and books to be reviewed”

Hi, I am interesem in reviewing though I don’t have any particular obok in my mind now. I am a Japanese, so I can review Japanese botoks and articles in English.

Hello — great to hear you’re interested. Please send me a note at briefly summarizing your interests and academic experience so that I can keep you in mind for specific books. Thanks!


As a qualified medical doctor and an historian (also qualified), I am interested in history of medicine (eventually history of sciences). I can read in French (mother tongue), Dutch, English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. But I can only write correctly in french.

Hello Jean,
Thanks for your interest. Up until now, we have only taken English language reviews. Would you be able to organize a translation of any potential reviews?
All the best,

Sorry Stephanie, I think my english is too poor and I can’t let translate my papers because it is too expansive

Kindly regards


Hi Jean,
Completely understandable. We’re all volunteers at Somatosphere, so we have no budget for translators. If the situation changes or we have more support for translations I will let you know.
Kind regards,

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