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Book Forum – Bhrigupati Singh’s Poverty and the Quest for Life

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In this next installment of our book forum series, Naveeda Khan has organized a tremendously engaging and challenging set of commentaries on Bhrigupati Singh’s forthcoming book, Poverty and the Quest for Life (Chicago, 2015).  The currents that run between these pieces do not need channeled by a long preface – as will become apparent, these passages already run deep.  We hope you enjoy an exceptional set of commentaries and Bhrigu’s reply.


An-other Ethnography
Naveeda Khan
Johns Hopkins University


Comments on Bhrigupati Singh’s Poverty and the Quest for Life: Spiritual and Material Striving in Rural India (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015).

The Nomadic Ethnography of Bhrigu Singh
William E. Connolly
Johns Hopkins University

Of Winter Moons
Lisa Stevenson
McGill University

Dialectics at the Threshold
William Mazzarella
University of Chicago

Sovereignty without the Sovereign
Swayam Bagaria
Johns Hopkins University


Reply to comments
Bhrigupati Singh
Brown University