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Book Forum––Harris Solomon’s Metabolic Living: Food, Fat and The Absorption of Illness in India

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Harris Solomon’s Metabolic Living traces patterns of consumption, calories, and chronic disease to tell a story about the enfolding––the absorption and regulation––of food in and about the body in Mumbai. Solomon’s book is a powerful ethnographic reflection on how factors held as exterior (local and global cuisine, evolving and competing norms regarding eating and body image) are wholly interiorized. We are happy to present a lively set of commentaries.


Meta-Metabolism, or Governing from the Inside Out
Ed Cohen
Rutgers University

Mumbai Metabolism Mysteries
Stefan Ecks
University of Edinburgh

More Mango Madness
Heather Paxson

Metabolic Living with Madhur Jaffrey
Bharat Venkat
University of Oregon

No Recipes: A Reply
Harris Solomon
Duke University

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