Contribute to a new series: “Aftermath”

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Somatosphere invites readers to submit to “Aftermath,” a new series examining the consequences of recent nationalist political turns throughout the world, including the US election. We are particularly interested in pieces which reflect on how these events intersect with the thematic concerns of the site – health, medicine and science, broadly construed. We especially welcome pieces which draw on original empirical materials or which bring conceptual materials from anthropology, history, sociology, STS, public health, cultural psychiatry and related disciplines to bear on the current situation. In the interest of cultivating vital discussion and circulating ideas quickly in response to a rapidly changing political environment, we encourage submissions that may seem sketchy, drafty, or unpolished.  Potential topics might include but are in no way limited to:

  • Possible effects of the 2016 election on the Affordable Care Act
  • Mental health and the aftermath of the election
  • Health-related dimensions of the Brexit vote and the upswing in nationalist political movements throughout Europe
  • The changing politics and science of:
    • abortion and reproductive technologies
    • climate science
    • evidentiary practices surrounding racial and ethnic categories
    • threats to disabilities policies
  • Resources for teaching about the current political condition, particularly as it affects health, medicine and science
  • Strategies for activist academics in the current political climate

Please send your suggestions for pieces, completed pieces, or inquiries to