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mediating microtubules netting and nesting
across difference
across distance
through boundaries permeable or/and with a gloss of seal
with folds and gullies
muted quiet              shouting rages

irritating and porous

insecure uninsulated exposing

falsely secure muttering safewords
holding space for the fragile and vulnerable
us all             embraced within
bounding palpating palpitating edges

clinging together in a forest clearing.


Suzanne Cochrane, who teaches at Western Sydney University, has had a 30-year career of study and practice of Chinese medicine. She is interested in the practice of Chinese medicine and the transmission of skills – how do we (and how do we learn to) work well with other people’s vitality? Doing an acupuncture related doctorate has led her to speak outside the discipline of Chinese medicine. She has used qigong disciplines as a means to work with her own qi and connect with the wider matrix of interior/exterior intra-actions.