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Book Forum–Elizabeth A. Wilson’s Gut Feminism

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Elizabeth Wilson’s Gut Feminism revisits feminism’s traditionally antagonistic engagement with biology with a call to reposition the body in feminist thought. As Wilson critically explores relationships between guts and melancholia, pharmacokinetics and bile, psyche and soma, she generates tools and insights for a new feminist reading of biology, and articulates the role of aggression as a necessary condition for feminist politics. These commentaries tease apart and extend aspects of Wilson’s arguments, each one metabolizing the pill to produce transformed understandings. We hope you enjoy!


Comment on Gut Feminism
Des Fitzgerald
Cardiff University

Incisive Gutting – and Tolerating a Capacity for Harm
Megan Warin
University of Adelaide

A Strange Kind of Sad
Harris Solomon
Duke University

Amber Benezra
New York University

A reply
Elizabeth A. Wilson
Emory University


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