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Book Forum: Larisa Jašarević’s Health and Wealth on the Bosnian Market

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In Health and Wealth on the Bosnian Market: An Intimate Debt, Larisa Jašarević explores the mutual entanglement between the economy, living body and the good life in postsocialist and postwar Bosnia. Beautifully written and theoretically sophisticated, this ethnography is a key addition to scholarly literature on debt, moral economies, medical anthropology, and material bodies. We are pleased to offer the following commentaries on this remarkable book.



Tatiana Chudakova
Tufts University

Indebting Others
Krisztina Fehérváry
University of Michigan

Bodies, Lives, Temporalities Unbound
Melissa L. Caldwell
University of California, Santa Cruz

Bodily Detours
George Paul Meiu
Harvard University

Precarious Workers and Political Community in potentia
Andrew Gilbert
McMaster University

On Ethnographic Affinity and Affection
Larisa Kurtović
University of Ottawa


Gut Response (or Do Obsessions Expire?)
Larisa Jašarević
University of Chicago


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