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Call for Contributors: In the Journals

Somatosphere is looking to recruit 3-4 people to assist with our ongoing “In the Journals” feature. “In the Journals” is a monthly roundup of newly-published journal articles. Below, please find more information about what is involved and who to contact if you’re interested in joining the team. We look forward to hearing from you!

“In the Journals” provides a snapshot collection of recent journal publications of interest to Somatosphere’s readers. These postings are an easy way for readers to keep up on the breadth of published literature that they might not otherwise have the time to search out. For an example, see this recent post. As a contributor, you would create posts on a rotating schedule (typically 2-3 times a year). Creating a post involves the following:

  • Search through journals published in a month to determine which articles might be interesting.
  • Compile a listing of those journals, the articles, and their abstracts, with links.
  • Post that listing to Somatosphere.
  • Receive many thanks and much gratitude for your time and work!

If you would be willing to help with this undertaking or have any questions about what doing so would involve, please contact Anna Zogas, anna.zogas at gmail dot com.