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The past two years have made us realize, more than ever, the importance of creating means of contacting and understanding each other and finding ways of connecting the local and global levels. To that end, we are relaunching the book review series “Foreign Correspondents.” The idea behind this series is to provide a forum for English language reviews of important works that appear in languages other than English in the social sciences and humanities of medicine, health and science. In a departure from typical book reviews, the series aims to share texts that contextualize works within the scholarly landscapes of the country and language from which they originate. This can include information on the author, the particularity of the theoretical perspectives brought forward, and the impact and significance of the book.

The series provides an excellent opportunity for established scholars to share reviews of works that have particularly marked their careers as well as for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers to review a book that has been influential in their thinking.

The reviews should be approximate 1500 words. We will prioritize reviewers that propose a specific book already for their contribution. However, we may be able to pair interested reviewers with book recommendations in some cases.

If you are interested in reviewing for Foreign Correspondents or if you have a book recommendation, please contact us at

Stephanie Lloyd—Book Reviews Editor

Simone Lavoie-Racine—Assistant Book Reviews Editor

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I am researching suicide vis a vis the Holocaust and World War Two, and their cultural-historical context in Gentile and Jewish history.

I have been strongly influence by Pitrim Sorokin.

I would be happy to review:
The Unknown Sorokin: His Life In Russia And The Essay On Suicide
by Pitirim A. Sorokin, Denny Vagero

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