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Book forum: Todd Meyers’s All That Was Not Her

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This book forum brings together seven scholars and artists to discuss Todd Meyers’s All That Was Not Her (Duke 2022). A profoundly introspective and original book, All That Was Not Her traces a relationship between an anthropologist and his interlocutor that equally verges on friendship and antagonism. Eschewing well-trodden anthropological approaches which focus on identity or suffering, Meyers delves into issues of loss, care, and illness as they emerge in the context of the politics of race and class in the contemporary United States. The book is equally a bracing meditation on the limits and failures of ethnography and on the always-incomplete project of representing a life. In often startling prose, Meyers melds ethnography, memoir, and cultural criticism into something altogether distinct. We hope that you enjoy these engagements with All That Was Not Her.


Vandalizing Words, Elizabeth A Wilson

Dot Dot Dot, Margaux Fitoussi

Notes on All That Was Not Her, DeShawn Dumas & Maya Stovall

A Himpossible Tale, Anthony Stavrianakis

There Is Nothing Heroic About This Text, Aidan Seale-Feldman

The Return of Contact, Andrés Romero

What Others See: A Reply, Todd Meyers

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