A Himpossible Tale

[All] [that was not her]

[All that] [was not her]

[All that was] [not her]

[All that was not] [her]

Lists, he made, a kind of series.

When is a series a set?

To close a set, the all, requires the exception: her.

Beverly as exception.

A woman.

This woman.…


Understated, not overlooked

A Simpler Life: Synthetic Biological Experiments

Talia Dan-Cohen

Cornell University Press, 2021. 174 pages.

First, take a self-consciously self-aggrandizing area of bioengineering, “synthetic biology,” which was said to aim at nothing less than “the design and construction of novel life-forms” (Dan-Cohen, p.12), an apparently clear claim made by those with a platform from which to make it, one that is in …


Go Suppress Yourself | A Chronicle

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In December 2019, reports emerged of a pneumonia of unknown origin in the city of Wuhan, China. A week into 2020, a novel pathogen was identified–– “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2” (SARS-CoV-2), a new coronavirus. The novel virus is highly similar in structure and sequence to the first SARS coronavirus (2003). After entering the body, typically through the mucus …

Books Features

In the Folds of the Contemporary

Let us consider this process of disenchantment that has been at work in Western culture for thousands of years and, in general, let us consider “progress,” to which science belongs both as an integral part and a driving force. Can we say that it has any meaning over and above its practical and technical implications?

— Max Weber, Science as …


Confusion, Truth, and Bureaucracy: A reply to Fitzgerald and Callard

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Des Fitzgerald and Felicity Callard have recently offered some advice, a normative orientation even, for those engaging in collaboration:

“Living well in a collaborative mode is about resisting the urge to sort things out – it is about quelling the desire to be clear, at all times, on who ‘I’ am, and what ‘I’ am doing, and whether or


Book Forum: “Demands of Day”

In February 2011, Paul Rabinow, Gaymon Bennett and I began to reflect on the impasses we had experienced in our collaborative work with groups of bioscientists and other social scientists, which had begun in 2006 (Rabinow and Bennett 2012). The core concerns in our interconnected projects in collaboration were how ethical practice and human and bioscientific knowledge practices could best …

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