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The rise of developmental science: Debates on health and humanity – A Special Issue of Social Science and Medicine

Shaping the modern child: Genealogies and ethnographies of developmental science
Dominique P. Béhague, Samuel Lézé

Introductory article. No abstract.

Fertile bodies, immature brains?: A genealogical critique of neuroscientific claims regarding the adolescent brain and of the global fight against adolescent motherhood
Ofra Koffman

This article presents a critique of neuroscientific claims regarding the adolescent brain and the suggestion that adolescent …

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The Americans with Disabilities Act After 25 Years – A Special Issue of Disability Studies Quarterly

Twenty-Five Years After the ADA: Situating Disability in America’s System of Stratification
Michelle Maroto, David Pettinicchio

Americans with disabilities represent a significant proportion of the population. Despite their numbers and the economic hardships they face, disability is often excluded from general sociological studies of stratification and inequality. To address some of these omissions, this paper focuses on employment and earnings …

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In the Journals Oct 2015 – Part 1

Hi all. Here’s the first part of this month’s roundup.



Nano Dreams and Nanoworlds: Fantastic Voyage as a Fantastic Origin Story
Emily York

Fantastic Voyage, a 1966 Hollywood science fiction film based on a screenplay written by Harry Kleiner, is often associated with contemporary nanotechnology imaginings. In this article, I draw on ethnographic research conducted within a new …

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Epigenetics and Society: Potential, Expectations and Criticisms – A Special Issue of New Genetics and Society

Hi all, Part 1 of this month’s In the Journals Roundup has already been posted here. Part 2 will be coming soon. In addition, you can find below a special issue of New Genetics and Society on the topic of “Epigenetics and Society: Potential, Expectations and Criticisms”.

Epigenetics for the social sciences: justice, embodiment, and inheritance in the postgenomic

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In the Journals May 2015 – Part 1

Hi all, here’s part one of this month’s roundup. Enjoy.


American Ethnologist

Ethnography for aging societies: Dignity, cultural genres, and Singapore’s imagined futures
Michael M. J. Fischer

Social theory generated in and about Singapore lies in psychic depths and archive fevers of an immigrant society subjected to accelerated social changes that devalue the lives of those marked by aging. …

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In the Journals, October 2014 – Part 1

Hi all.

Please find below the first half of this month’s roundup. In addition, Aaron Seaman has posted an entry for a special issue of Disability and the Global South on the topic of Global Mental Health. You can find it here. Enjoy.

Social Science and Medicine

Intergenerational health consequences of in utero exposure to maternal stress: Evidence from

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