Respect, care, and labor in collaborative scholarly projects

As members of Somatosphere’s Editorial Collaborative, we have been following the unfolding crisis surrounding Hau with profound concern (Agro 2018, Flaherty 2018). As others have noted, this crisis has revealed multiple structural issues that deserve intense engagement beyond the specifics of the individual case: open-access (OA), digital scholarship and publication, yes, but also academic power, precarity, and vulnerability;


A Strange Kind of Sad

Dear Diary,

Everyone is sad, but it’s a strange kind of sad.

-Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) in Heathers (1988)


Elizabeth Wilson’s Gut Feminism hovers on the challenge to “cultivate capacities to harm.” In this intricate book, Wilson explores what might happen if feminist theory consumed biology differently. Feminist theory must do so by “reading” biology through the apparatus of …

Books Features

No Recipes––A Reply

In May 2016, I handed Metabolic Living to the individual I call Mary in its pages. For years she had guided me through the neighborhood that anchors the book, through homes and clinics and their connective spaces. Now, she flipped through the book’s pages. A lot of text, a picture here and there. She looked up. “No recipes?”

I had …


Introduction: The Cabinet

Cabinets of curiosity are at the historical heart of scientific and medical enterprises. They remind us that the modern effort to know, and perhaps understand, always departs from the same shore: collection.  Such cabinets were described as curiosities (“wunder”) because they also elicited affects of amusement, surprise, amazement, desire, and disgust.  For example, the Kunstkamera in St. Petersburg, …

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