In the Journals

In the Journals–October 2018

Late but still lively: it’s October’s installation of In the Journals.

Annual Review of Anthropology

Ethics in Human Biology: A Historical Perspective on Present Challenges

Joanna Radin

The practice of human biology requires the negotiation of a range of ethical issues, including the politics of race and indigeneity, the appropriate use of research materials, and the relationship between researchers and …

In the Journals

In the Journals, March 2018

March featured a number of special issues of interest to Somatosphere readers: Anthropology & Medicine has a special issue, “Genomics and Genetic Medicine: Pathways to Global Health?” Contemporary Drug Problems has a special issue out on gender and critical drug studies. Science as Culture has a special forum on “techno-economic assumptions.” Society and Mental Health has a …

In the Journals

In the Journals–October 2017

International Journal of Social Psychiatry (September issue)

Becoming a patient-illness representations of depression of Anglo-Australian and Sri Lankan patients through the lens of Leventhal’s illness representational model

Josefine Antoniades, Danielle Mazza, Bianca Brijnath

Depression is prevalent globally. While the uptake of mental health services is poor in the general community, the lack of service engagement is particularly profound in migrant …

In the Journals

In the Journals–March 2017, Part II

This is Part II of March’s article round-up. You can find part I here.

In addition to the articles below, Theory, Culture and Society features an interview with Michel Foucault from 1983.

New Genetics and Society

Everything and nothing: regulating embryo research in Canada

Alana Cattapan & Dave Snow

This article examines how medical and scientific professionals experience …

In the Journals

In the Journals–March 2017, Part I

Here is Part I of our March article round-up.

American Anthropologist

A Dog’s Life: Suffering Humanitarianism in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Greg Beckett

In the Bel Air neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, most residents are dependent on humanitarian and foreign assistance for food, services, aid, and jobs. Yet, some residents feel that the conditions under which such aid is provided actively blocks their …

Features Teaching Resources

Ethnography Labs: Unpacking Ethnographic Narrative

This article is part of the following series:

My first experience teaching an ethnographic text to a classroom full of students was rocky. My attempts to draw them out into making connections between the ethnographic materials and our big course questions were met with silence. I, panicked, asked ever more concrete questions about the text, while the silence slowly turned stony until a chatty student desperately regurgitated some …

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