Epidemiological Publics? On the Domestication of Modelling in the era of COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been called “a once-in-a-century evidence fiasco” (Ioannides, 2020), while the editor of the Lancet has declared that “the handling of the COVID-19 crisis in the UK is the most serious science policy failure in a generation” (Horton, 2020). At the heart of the science policy is mathematical modelling, a scientific activity once reserved for mathematicians, epidemiologists …


#COVID19: The Spectacle of Real-Time Surveillance

One of the most striking factors of the 1918 Flu pandemic is that the pandemic’s global scope and devastating impact only became visible after the fact. To determine the flu’s global distribution and to reconstruct its case numbers and fatality rates at the end of the First World War was a task eventually left to the pandemic’s historians. To …

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The Devastation of Normalcy

Guibert’s Cytomegalovirus stands alone. Soon after it was first published and subsequently translated into English, the text became trusted as the artful encapsulation of a particular time of AIDS. When Guibert died in 1991 his experience spoke of the Western generation hit hardest by an immunodeficiency which was then still an indisputable and untreatable death sentence. But Guibert’s writing was …


TB/HIV: Distinct Histories, Entangled Futures. Towards an Epistemology of Co-infection

Communication never occurs without a transformation,
and indeed always involves a stylized remodelling,
which intracollectively achieves corroboration
and which intercollectively yields fundamental alteration.

(Fleck 1981, 111)

One office, two diseases, two disciplines. That’s where we started. And while sharing an office as post-doctoral researchers at the University of Zürich, that’s where we stumbled upon one of those “epistemological obstacles” – …

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