Writing Life No. 17: An Interview with Stacy Leigh Pigg

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Image 1: The desk where Stacy writes when she is actually at a desk.

Have you ever taken a walk inside your article?

Can you conceive of a piece of writing as a three-dimensional space?

Can we think of ethnographic expression beyond the question of ‘what’s the larger argument?’

It was an unusual summer day when New Delhi and Vancouver …


Problematization as Object

Saida Hodžić’s The Twilight of Cutting inspired me to experiment with a practice of slow reading, using drawing to express what theory says. I use the comics format to slow down, stretch out, and fully imagine a few of Hodžić’s important framing statements. Spatial metaphors infuse social theory, so I have long wondered whether arguments and analytical concepts could be …


Image + Text – a new series

This article is part of the following series:

Comics and graphic narratives have grown in popularity over the past few decades, not just in the public but in academic writing and thinking as well. The recent publications of Comics & Media (Chute and Jagoda 2014), Graphic Medicine Manifesto, (Czerwiec, Williams, Squier, et al 2015) and Unflattening (Sousanis 2015) mark a new wave of critical texts that engage comics …

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