In the Journals

In The Journals, March 2022, Part 2

Science as Culture

The Role of US Policymaking in the Emergence of a Digital Health Assemblage

Elisa Lievevrouw, L. Marelli, and I. Van Hoyweghen

Promising to improve the quality of care while decreasing healthcare costs, digital health technologies (DHT) are welcomed as a solution to the challenges increasingly faced by healthcare systems in the global north. In recent years, tech

In the Journals

In the Journals, January 2022, Part 1

Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine (Special Issue)

Representing suicide: Giving voice to a desire to die?

Ian Marsh, Rachel Winter, Lisa Marzano

Drawing on interview and online ethnographic data from a study of suicide on the railways, this paper describes the ways in which many of the concepts, assumptions and practices of mainstream

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In the Journals, February 2022

Here is a selection of articles published in February. Enjoy!

Cultural Anthropology (Open Access)

Vital Labors: Transacting Oocytes across Borders in the Post-Soviet Space (open access)
Madeleine Reeves

Anthropological accounts of labor mobility in the post-Soviet region have tended to focus on the commoditization, securitization, and illegalization of migrant wage labor, rather than on the generation of surplus through the

In the Journals

In the Journals, December 2021, part 2

American Anthropologist

Discrimination as a Moderator of the Effects of Acculturation and Cultural Values on Mental Health Among Pregnant and Postpartum Latina Women Molly Fox

It is important to consider how identity, culture, and social adversity influence maternal mental health among Latina women both because this community faces unique cultural stressors and also because factors that undermine women’s mental health
In the Journals

In the Journals, December 2021, Part 1

Medical Humanities

Before compassion: sympathy, tact and the history of the ideal nurse (open access)

Sarah Chaney

The word ‘compassion’ is ubiquitous in modern healthcare. Yet few writers agree on what the term means, and what makes it an essential trait in nursing. In this article, I take a historical approach to the problem of understanding compassion. Although many modern …

In the Journals

In the Journals, November 2021, Part 2

Science, Technology, and Human Values

A Science of Hope? Tracing Emergent Entanglements between the Biology of Early Life Adversity, Trauma-informed Care, and Restorative Justice (open access)

Ruth Müller and Martha Kenney

The biology of early life adversity explores how social experiences early in life affect physical and psychological health and well-being throughout the life course. In our previous

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